* About Me *

My name is Manuela (Manu), and I am the Designer, owner and Mastermind of Just Kiddies.

Just Kiddies was created in 2002, in Hamburg/Germany

"Made in Germany", became "Made in Texas" in 2004, after moving to Gainesville, Texas.....
.... since March 2016, it is now "Made in Hawai'i, with lots of ALOHA"

A little bit about my work-skills:
After Fashion-School, and a 3,5 year apprenticeship, I started working as a Custom tailor
and have worked for Fashion Designers,
at the Opera House, and for the John Neumeier Ballet in Hamburg/Germany.

A little bit about me:
I love to design and to sew, and I got my first sewing machine when I was 5 years old.
My parents and my Grandma were Custom tailors as well.
My Dad used to make dresses for my Mom and a mini-version for me :)


My hobbies:
I love photography! I love taking pictures of everybody and everything... especially since we live in Hawaii now.

I do Yoga, and like to run. It clears my mind, makes me more creative,
and I always get lots of ideas for new designs!

My favorite band is U2 ... I went to my first U2 concert in 1985

I am a proud Mom, and Oma of two Grandsons, and wife to an amazing husband.
I love to travel, and the same time, love our beautiful home on the island of O'ahu.
My place of peace.

Thanks for visiting...