Fishhook Necklace
Fishhook Necklace
Ohana Island Creations

Fishhook Necklace

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Fishhook Necklace ... the Fishhook (Hei Matau) symbolizes prosperity, determination, and strength, as well as protection during journeys over water...

Fishhook is approx. 4 cm (1,5 in) long and 2 cm wide and made out of a Bone... length of cord is approx. 15" ((38cm) long when laying flat (see picture) ... you can wear it long or make it shorter by pushing down beads 

Handmade in Hawaii by Ohana Island Creations (Hawaiian Father and his sons who are one of the vendor at a North Shore market)

1. picture: entire nacklace / 2. picture: close-up of fishhook 

necklace has a bead at the end which can be moved to wear it shorter or longer! 

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