Snack-Bags SALE
Snack-Bags SALE
Snack-Bags SALE
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Snack-Bags SALE

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Replace your disposables with these reusable, machine washable fold & close snack bags. Exterior of each bag is composed of 2 matching cotton prints . Snap Closure ... perfect to have your snacks handy whenever you need them. 

Choose your favorite fabrics in the menu... 

Exterior fabric:

  • 100% cotton: 2 matching high quality designer fabrics

Interior lining:

  • Waterproof PUL: A white BPA-free lining to create an interior best for snacks that have moisture.

Please note that pattern placement will vary and images are graphic representations, not photos of actual product. 

Size is approximately 7.25"x6.0"

Machine washable. Machine wash warm and throw in the dryer.
Edges are serged for durability and to prevent fraying.
Sandwich bags are made by Just Kiddies owner Manu on North Shore in Hawaii.



Porto: das Porto fuer ein kleines Paeckchen kostet nur knapp 13 Euro ($14.50) was im Verhältnis zum deutschen Porto nur doppelt so viel ist, obwohl das Paeckchen von der anderen Seite der Erde losgeschickt wird. 

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