Bandana Laetzchen - BABY WAL
Bandana Laetzchen - BABY WAL
Bandana Laetzchen - BABY WAL
Bandana Laetzchen - BABY WAL
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Bandana Laetzchen - BABY WAL

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Stylish bandana bib for little dribblers - and those little fashionistas who don't want to walk around in a big feeding bib :-)
Made out of a very beautiful "MINI PINEAPPLE" fabric 

Bandana Bib will keep your baby dry and comfortable. Front in high quality, 100% kona designer cotton, and backed with a very absorbing organic bamboo velour (the softest fabric in the world).

= 2 layers of fabric

This listing is for one (1) Bandana Bib

Bamboo (back of bib) is naturally hypoalergenic and antibacterial, which makes it perfect for the back of baby bibs. It can hold more moisture than cotton and does not stick to your kids skin when wet.

Closes with two fast plastic KAM snaps on each side so it fits all ages ( from 2 months until 3 years old)

Machine washable "warm" (I recommend putting it into a mesh laundry bag, or a pillow cover)
All fabrics are pre-washed to prevent shrinkage.

Front: 100% cotton
Back: Organic Bamboo Velour: 70% bamboo / 28% organic cotton /2% polyester (sehr weicher Stoff den ich gewählt habe da er nicht auf der Haut klebt, selbst wenn er nass gesabbert ist) 

--> Neck opening measures: 15" (38 cm).

♥♥ Handmade with lots of Aloha on North Shore on O'ahu, Hawai'i ♥♥

NEVER let your child sleep in or go unsupervised when wearing a bib, as it may cover your baby's face.

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Stylisches Laetzchen im Bandana Stil fuer die kleinen Sabberschnuten :-)  Die Laetzchen helfen dabei das Kind sauber und trocken zu halten ohne mit den grossen normalen Laetzchen rumzulaufen.

Material: vorne: 100% Baumwolle - hinten: 70% Bio Bambus Velour Stoff / 28% Bio Baumwolle / 2% Polyester 

Groessen: die Laetzchen passen von ca. 2 Monaten bis 3 Jahre

Porto: das Porto fuer ein kleines Paeckchen kostet nur knapp 13 Euro ($14.50) was im Verhältnis zum deutschen Porto nur doppelt so viel ist, obwohl das Paeckchen von der anderen Seite der Erde losgeschickt wird. 

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